The AAHAA organization was born from the volunteer spirit and generosity of our community.

It is only through the continued support, engagement and participation of our residents and sponsors that we can continue to serve our clients providing the support and access to care they deserve.

As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to help our organization meet the health care needs of our community. We all have skills that can help others and we will assist you in finding a comfortable way for you to contribute. Whether an hour a week or an hour a month, whether its distributing information or supporting us with your professional services, we want you to experience your AAHAA Moment when you see firsthand the value you will provide to those in need. Contact us now and we will help you access that moment.

Financial contributions are always welcome. AAHAA is also a 501c3 Tax Exempt Not for Profit organization are deductible (always consult your tax advisor) and help support our activities. All funds donated to AAHAA go to support client activities including our Network Nurse, our client service coordinator, service and educational events, and the gathering and distribution of access information to our residents.

Join us Today! Give us a call, contact us through this website, or maybe stop by our booth at many local events. You will say AAHAA, that felt great!