The Antioch Area Healthcare Accessibility Alliance The Antioch Area Healthcare Accessibility Alliance community in association with health service organizations.

Our Vision: To help our residents overcome the barriers to sustained quality health care and a better quality of life.

We understand that you entrust your family and friends to us to facilitate their entry into a complicated healthcare system and to coordinate their care. Antioch has limited geographic access clinics, hospital and specialty care services, all presenting its own unique and challenging issues. Not only is lack of access a deep concern, but can lead to a decreased opportunity to maintain one’s health. In order to achieve results of a healthy community we pursue a simple mission on your behalf:

The Antioch Area Healthcare Accessibility Alliance (AAHAA) advocates for a healthy Antioch community by cultivating and supporting relationships, initiatives, education and services that increase access to health care and social services. AAHAA achieves results through communication, community engagement, and collaboration.

Let us help you have an “AAHAA Moment” finding the support and care you need. OR—Join us in our mission and find your “AAHAA Moment” in helping others.