Our Future envisions a comprehensive service hub that connects residents with service providers – and much more.

AAHAA has a focus on the future for the residents of the Antioch Area community. This is captured in our vision and mission statements (see Vision & Mission section) but also translates into our current activities.

We are currently concentrating on activities that directly impact the wellness of our residents. Our Network Nurse Program is breaking new ground in the community by providing direct and personal support to residents as they look for individual services and access support. Through our internet and phone contact options we offer residents easy access to vital resources such as financial aid, transportation, and eligibility for existing program access. In addition, we provide information regarding matching individual needs to potential program assistance.

Our future envisions an expansion of these opportunities. We see a service hub that provides individualized support for our residents. We see expanded communication and feedback support for our residents. We see expanded partnerships with service providers to enhance services for our residents especially through enhanced referral and communication tools. We see new pilot programs to serve our residents that will lead to additional and more localized services to address their needs. Ultimately, we see our efforts as attracting more services to our area and expanded access to those services to better our community.

To transform this vision into reality: WE NEED, 1) Participation and feedback of our residents; 2) Active engagement of our service providers; and 3) Generous support of our sponsors.