There is only one goal, improve healthcare for Antioch, IL area residents

AAHAA links together available services and advocates for advances in healthcare

A task force formed the Antioch Area Healthcare Accessibility Alliance (AAHAA) in 2011 to assess accessibility to medical services within the area as well as specialty care outside the area.

In 2012, an analysis on available data generated a landscape document needs assessment. Building on this, our Vision and Mission were defined. Pilot programs for transportation assistance and the support of a NetworkNurse TM program for direct patient outreach and support were initiated.

In 2013, AAHAA expanded services to the Antioch community and continues to have a major impact in the community through our innovative Network Nurse program, Hotline, volunteer associates and established community awareness programs that offers residents direct access to services, testing and eligibility consultation.

We will continue our effort to identify gaps in the services available to our community and work diligently with service providers to enhance services available to you. Let AAHAA assist you with medical care, transportation, insurance, food, government programs or other services and support requirements that impact your health.